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We connect our expertise, network, and industry knowledge to offer a variety of products and deliver the best services to our clients and partners. Our services are designed to maximize your potential, delivering short and long-term success.


We represent ambitious, talented athletes and provide a complete service so they can achieve maximum success. We oversee and guide you through your contract negotiations, support you off the field, and work hard to increase your market value.

Included in the CMG package (not limited to):

Sponsorship – By working closely with sports properties we market distinctive sponsorship opportunities to leading brands.
Tax & Judicial expertise – whether you move between countries or have personal questions our juridical team is there to help.
Branding – building your brand to maximize your exposure and wealth.


CMG works actively to create added value for the agent and the client. We work according to two perspectives.

How? The first is to optimize the ability of the athlete during the time when the attraction is coupled to the active career of the athlete. The second is to combine the short term with the long term to enhance an athlete’s ability to capitalize on his active career even after it is completed.

College Program

At CMG we are dedicated to helping place student athletes into the college where they can best further their educational and athletic development.

CMG’s primary focus is to make attending college in the USA as accessible as possible for our clients. We meet with each student-athlete individually to learn about his or her future ambitions and to create an action plan tailored to fit their individual needs. Through our extensive network of college coaches we find the university that allows our client to succeed on the field of play as well as in the classroom.



Every athlete is unique and that is why it has never been more important to develop a personal brand strategy. We tailor the branding for every athlete to create a successful solution.

Using our expertise and cutting edge technology we serve and support our clients, partners, and organizations. By building their brand we maximize our clients exposure as well as their wealth.

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