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When it comes to getting an athletic scholarship to college you’re competing with talented athletes from all over the world. If you want to get that coveted spot you must make yourself stand out! Here are some tips on making yourself more recruitable and increasing your chances of getting an athletic scholarship.

There are around 1200 men’s soccer teams and 1400 women’s soccer teams spread out across schools all over the United States.

1) Do well in school

When it comes to being a student-athlete, academics are just as important as athletics. College coaches are looking for athletes that take their academics seriously and are going to do well in their classes. It’s important that you focus just as much on your classes as you do on your sport! In addition to making you more attractive to college coaches, getting good grades could help you earn academic scholarship money. This extra money can be very helpful in offsetting the costs of college in the US and giving you more choices in your college search.

2) Prepare for the SAT and TOEFL

Doing well on the SAT and TOEFL is an essential part of being admitted to any university. If you are interested in going to a college that’s academically competitive it is necessary that you study hard and do well on both tests. Different schools require different scores but overall every school has a minimum that you must meet in order to be admitted and also to compete in your sport. The better you do on these tests the more options you will have and the more likely you will be to qualify for academic scholarship money in addition to any athletic aid you receive.

“The way that you act on your current team and present yourself to coaches is an important part of the recruiting process.”

3) Game film

The more game film you have, the better. In most cases, coaches are evaluating you solely based off of film so it’s important that you give them a lot of different games to look at. The more game film you give them the better idea they will have about the type of player you are and how you can contribute to their program. Ideally, you would have a combination of full games and a highlight reel that could be used to market you to coaches.

North Carolina Tar Heels football team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

4) Be a good teammate

Coaches aren’t just recruiting you as an athlete but they are recruiting you as a person and they are interested in building teams with people who have strong character. The way that you act on your current team and present yourself to coaches is an important part of the recruiting process. They are looking for athletes that are good teammates and can help lead their team to success. To make yourself stand out, you should show college coaches the type of character you have and how you can help their team grow.

5) Listen to your CMG College Advisor

At CMG, we are here to help you every step of the way but to do that we need your help too. It’s important that we maintain an open line of communication and you always follow the steps given to you by your college adviser. If you follow these tips and listen to your advisor you will be in a good position to get recruited and become a US college athlete!

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