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Just like that summer is ending and the fall sports season has begun. At CMG we are excited to follow all of our professional athletes as well as our college athletes that are starting their sports seasons. During the fall, college sports in the US include men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s cross country, women’s volleyball, men’s water polo, field hockey, and American football.


There are around 1200 men’s soccer teams and 1400 women’s soccer teams spread out across schools all over the United States.

The fall will be the competitive season for these sports and they will play all their games from August-December. The teams start with a training camp a couple weeks before school starts. This is an opportunity for the teams to get ready for the season and focus solely on their sport before they start classes. The first games occur towards the end of August and they start the pre-season by playing non-conference opponents. Towards the end of September the conference season starts and each team plays primarily in their conference.

The goal for most teams is to win their conference or their conference tournament so they can move onto their leagues national championship tournament. The season comes to an end for most teams at the end of November but for a lucky few they keep playing through the winter while they compete for a national championship. Each sport and league has a different schedule for the national championship games with the most competitive and watched being NCAA Division 1.

During the fall sports season, the most watched sport in the US is American football. The money brought in from American football helps make it possible for all other sports to run. American football games are a big part of fall in the US and many college athletic departments revolve around this sport. It can be a great cultural experience for international students to be a part of an American football game.

At CMG we are particularly excited for our college athletes who are starting their first season abroad. We worked hard to place them at a university where they can develop as students and athletes. Now the fun begins where they get to start their journey as college student-athletes and see what it is all about. We look forward to following their success this season and for many years to come!

Check back for updates on our website as well as social media to see what’s happening in the college sports world this season.

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