What makes CMG one of the most important sport agencies within women’s football? The company itself was founded in 2015, but the experience within the house goes much further back than that. We want our clients to be the best they can be. That’s our goal and will always be. Our clients perform on different levels every day and we are doing the same, outside the green grass. When one of our client’s needs help to find a club that fits her objectives and visions CMG uses our wide network in Sweden and abroad to find the best possible solution. Thanks to the personal and reliable relationships with Europe’s top clubs we make sure that our players will find a professional and challenging environment. CMG works with top leagues in Sweden, England, France and Germany, but also with the upcoming ones in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

CMG represents ambitious, talented athletes providing a complete service so they can achieve maximum success on and off the field. We help our clients with the negotiation: with the club and with personal sponsors and we also serve as a tutor and advisor, available for all kinds of questions and thoughts. Our clients are top players in, mainly Sweden, but we also work with foreign players from countries such as Denmark, Norway and France. With our connections in Europe and the US, CMG helps clubs to find players that suit their game plan, group and goals.

In a short period of time, CMG’s clients have garnered many accomplishments including Olympic silver medals, national championships, and playing time with the national teams of their respective countries. Stay tuned in two weeks for more about our clients and their time spent with the national team!

For further questions, please contact us at: maria@cmgroup.se





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