What is a National Letter of Intent?


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The time has come for many prospective student athletes to make their commitment to a university and decide where they will spend the next four years. A verbal commitment can occur any time during the recruiting process and at any level.

Verbal commitments are nonbinding and coaches may continue to recruit an athlete who has made a verbal commitment. Once an athlete signs a National Letter of Intent they may no longer be recruited by other institutions. A verbal commitment is the first step and an NLI locks in that commitment.

Over 70% of golfers who compete on the PGA/LPGA tour have played college golf.

What is an NLI and how does it affect you as a prospective student athlete?

A National Letter of Intent (NLI) is a binding agreement used to indicate a student athlete’s commitment to a NCAA Division I or II university. The NLI ensures that the student athlete will receive the financial aid that they have been offered in their first year. An NLI can only be signed by an athlete who is entering a four year institution for the first time.

The NLI is designed to provide the athlete and the institution with protections knowing that each will abide by their commitment to one another.

Each sport has its own designated dates that are commonly referred to as signing day. Some sports like women’s volleyball have an early and regular signing period that typically start in November and April. For other sports, like men’s soccer, there is only one signing period that starts in February.

An NLI can be sent via post, fax, or email and returned in the same manner. The NLI must be signed with 7 days of being issued or the institution must produce a new document. If you are under 21, your parent or legal guardian must sign for your NLI to be valid.

If you are competing at an NCAA DIII or NAIA institution then you will not sign an NLI. If you are not accepting athletic scholarship money at an NCAA DI or DII institution then you will not sign an NLI.

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