We represent top female football players.

We are a management company that represent ambitious and talented athletes. We provide a holistic approach for our clients to grow and reach maximum success.

We are here to do more.

We are with our clients every step of the way – whether it’s a contract negotiation, collaborations or to increase a market value, we are by our clients side.

THOUGHTS FROM our managers at CMG





The whole world is in a mode that some people refers to as “put on pause”. We call it “preparations”. As a player I loved the off season since I knew it was the only time of the year when everything I did counted double. At least that was my feeling and the feeling gave me lust and will to do more.




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What we do.

We understand what it’s like to be a player in every aspect of Women’s football and are actively working to ensure continued growth, success and development for all our athletes.

Why we do it.

Women’s football is at an all-time high and opportunities within the sport are better than ever. We wan’t to make sure our clients get the best possible opportunity to reach their dreams.

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Our team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge when we join forces with our clients. We immerse ourselves in our clients development, dreams, needs and ambition to provide the best possible opportunities.



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